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Common Bad Habits You Want to Change to Improve your Wellbeing and Quality of Life

Common Bad Habits You Want to Change

Bad habits are behaviors we might not be able to realize immediately. However, they become apparent in the long term. That is why you need to be conscious of these toxic habits and do something to eradicate them in order to enhance your quality of life and wellbeing.

Not Accepting your Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes; however, admitting them is perhaps the most difficult part. A mistake has a negative impact on your self-esteem but accepting and taking responsibility for your mistakes is an essential part of learning and growth.

Thinking Negatively

Negative thoughts are a threat to your mood and self-esteem. When you always tell yourself that you are stupid or you are not good enough, you will begin to believe and internalize this. Continuing to criticize yourself can result in more serious disorders like anxiety and depression.

Poor Posture

Our posture and body language can say a lot about us; however, it can also impact our mood. Studies claim that sitting with your back straight will make your feel more confident than when you slouch, and others show that it can help in relieving stress and feel more powerful. You can practice mindfulness and yoga techniques so you can understand your body better and improve your posture. Keep your spin straight while sitting, walking or standing.

Poor Sleeping Habits

Sleep is important for our body and brain. The body makes use of sleep time for restoring itself and integrating new information it learned. When you lack sleep, you may be able to develop impairments similar to alcohol intoxication and can result in different issues such as slower processing speed, irritability, low cognitive performance, poor decision making, cardiovascular issues, increased risk of depression and obesity.


Postponing things continuously can affect your self-esteem and motivation in a negative way. Procrastination can result in stress and keeps us from finishing assignments, projects and other activities. Also, it prevents us from starting new tasks or working on goals that can lead to feelings of worthlessness.

Poor Diet

The diet impacts our brain that is why you have to eat well. Poor nutrition will weaken your mental function and causes you to underperform. Apart from helping your brain work better, a healthy diet can enhance your self-esteem and health. Consider eating vegetables and fruits and reduce your processed meat intake. Also, minimize your consumption of salt and sugars, especially in pre-packaged foods. Don’t forget about drinking plenty of water and avoiding sugary drinks.

There are many things that you can do to eliminate your bad habits and have a positive outlook in life. A lot of experts say that doing something to improve your wellbeing and health can make you feel better and positive. Thomas Drugs provides pharmacy services in Columbus Ave. New York including health and wellness as well as beauty and grooming products. Call us at 2128777340.

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