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Don’t ever play your own doctor!

Don’t ever play your own doctor!

Medicines have helped improve men’s way of living. It has cured various illnesses and lengthened the lives of many. Although medicines can make you feel better, it is noteworthy that they also pose risks.

You can only experience maximum benefits of your medicines from your source of pharmacy services in Columbus Ave. New York when you use them in the proper manner, exactly as prescribed by your doctor or as advised by your pharmacist. In fact, your chance of getting better depends on how you obediently follow the instructions of taking your medicine as directed by your physician.

Despite knowing this fundamental instruction, there are still some who take more or less than the prescribed quantity. Thus, as your leading provider of pharmacy services in Columbus Ave. New York, Thomas Drugs would give you tips on how to NOT play your own doctor.

Talk to your doctor

Whenever you visit your physician, you should make sure that you fully understand the enumerated:

  • Reason why you are taking the specific drug
  • Quantity of medicine you need to take before getting better
  • Frequency of taking the medicine
  • Proper way of storing the medicine
  • Risks of not taking them properly, or not taking them at all

However, if you plan to use over-the-counter medications, it will still be important to know the mentioned information and your provider of pharmacy services in Columbus Ave. New York can answer them too.

Never hesitate to take notes or as many questions because taking precautions is always better than feeling the ill risks of not taking your medicines properly.

Always follow your health professional’s instructions

Never think that you know your health condition better than your doctors do. In the first place, why would you need to get their help when you already know what to do or what medicines can make you feel better?

Thus, our drugstore that provides pharmacy services in Columbus Ave. New York would always mandate you not to do the following:

  • Use your medicines more or less than what you are instructed.
  • Take your medicines at a different time as directed.
  • Use the medicine for another symptom or illness other than what your doctor have prescribed it for.
  • Use a friend’s medication or give your medication to a friend.

It also pays to get organized

It would be difficult to start getting organized. But you should know that organizing your medicines in a way you could easily remember where to get them and when to take them pays off.

Here are Thomas Drugs’ tips on how you could get organized:

1.List all your medicines.

  1. Over-the-counter
  2. Prescription drugs
  3. Vitamins
  4. Supplements

2.Write a timeline for every drug you take.

  1. When to take a particular drug?
  2. How many tablets/pills to take during such time.

3.Store it in a box where you could easily remember.

4.Know every detail, benefits and risks of every medicine you take and note it in your list.

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