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When Your Sunscreen is Not Protecting You: Choosing The Best Sunscreen from Thomas Drugs

Choosing The Best Sunscreen from Thomas Drugs

Summer, the time for beaches and bikinis, is peeking around the corner. Essentially, people will start looking for the best sunscreens to guard themselves from the heat, or so they think, because newsflash: 80% of the SPF products do not offer the intensive sun protection that they claim. Fortunately, at Thomas Drugs, we do not only provide affordable medical equipment, but also proven and effective skin products. We have diverse brands that really protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays, and they are equipped with new technologies that will not leave a white film on your skin. With the effectiveness that they guarantee, it is quite impressive to learn that these products are just one of our affordable medical equipment and supplies.

Your current sun protection product may not be protecting you

Sunscreen users should be knowledgeable about the products that they are applying to their skin. Two important things to do before buying a product would be knowing your skin type and needs, and researching about the product itself. Know what you want in a product. Read the relevant articles in the internet, and consider the reviews of the previews buyers. However, always keep in mind that not every detail is written on their posts, so read between the lines. Maximize your options by looking at other similar brands, and comparing their products. Doing research might be time-consuming for some, but effective research will help you save on bucks, while ensuring that your skin will get the real sun protection it deserves. If you do this, your skin will thank you after.

We will help you get the sun protection product that you deserve

Fortunately, at Thomas Drugs, we have a selection of effective over the counter drugs and products for you. Once you are through with your research, most of the time, we have available stocks for your product choice. Also, since you can order online, the whole process of purchasing will be made easy for you. Being in the business for over a hundred years, take our word when we say that we provide excellent quality over the counter drugs and other medical supplies.

We give nothing but the best in our offerings and services

Our efficient and professional staff will gladly assist in you in purchasing your sun protection product, as well as all of your medications and other medical equipment. Located at the heart of Manhattan, our pharmacy is strategically placed for you to have an easy access for your medical supply needs. Check our products at 171 Columbus Ave, New York, New York 10023.

Being the best online pharmacy in New York, we will ensure that you will also receive the best from us.
For more information about our offerings and other services, call us at 212-877-7340, or shoot us an e-mail at Do not hesitate in sending your inquiries; contact the best online pharmacy in New York now, so that we can help in providing you your medical supply necessities immediately.

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