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General Principles for Wearing a Mask


The use of facial masks is both protection and prevention. You are protecting yourself and you are preventing the transmission of the disease. While masks have been widely available, it is in the recent pandemic that we have truly highlighted the importance of wearing a Mask.

Allow us to share the main principles when using a mask.

  • The mask should fit well – it should completely cover your mouth and nose. You will feel the right fit when it feels snugly against the side of your face and there is no gap.
  • Touch the straps only – when wearing the mask, do not touch its surface. You should only handle the cords, string, head strap, or ear loops.
  • Wear masks any time in public – the more people present in your location, the more chances of disease transmission there is. Protect yourself so you may not get the virus and pass it home.
  • Wear masks when traveling – whether you are on the bus, in airports, or any location that has you moving, wear a mask.
  • Wear a mask at home when someone shows symptoms or has tested positive for the virus. Even when the family member is isolated, keep it safer by simply wearing your mask.

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