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The Dangers of Hypoxia


Hypoxia is a condition where the body’s tissues don’t receive as much oxygen as they need. This is due to the low oxygen content in the blood, which itself is caused by various reasons.

You could spot hypoxia by using a pulse oximeter. If you don’t have one, you can tell that a person is suffering from hypoxia when symptoms like rapid breathing, dyspnea or shortness of breath, profuse sweating, abnormal skin color, and coughing manifest.

In fact, hypoxia is one of the manifestations of COVID-19. In this case, hypoxia is caused by the lungs’ inability to absorb the necessary oxygen from the air that the patient breathes. Scientists call the COVID-specific hypoxia silent because some patients don’t progress into dyspnea. Some don’t require medical equipment in New York like a ventilator.

Like hypertension, hypoxia can be a silent killer. We all know that cells need a specific amount of oxygen in order to thrive. A slightly diminished oxygen supply can damage the cells, which die after five minutes of being deprived of the precious gas.

The body’s oxygen supply must be restored within the next 10 minutes. At this point, the damage becomes extensive and causes serious problems. One of the risks of severe hypoxia is cardiac arrest or heart attack. If the brain cells are damaged, one could suffer a stroke as well.

If you feel any of the symptoms of hypoxia, have a family member drive you to a hospital immediately. Your doctor will prescribe medicines like corticosteroids and inhalers, which you can buy at any pharmacy in New York, New York.

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