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Key Things You Need to Know About Vaccines

Key Things You Need to Know About Vaccines

Millions of people around the world have been vaccinated against different kinds of diseases such as flu, measles, polio, mumps, chickenpox, hepatitis, and even the COVID-19 virus.

At Thomas DRUGS, a provider of quality pharmacy services, we are committed to helping people live healthy lives. If you’re still in doubt about the effectiveness of vaccines, this blog explains how vaccines work and why it’s important.

After getting a vaccine from a pharmacy in New York, New York, you can protect yourself and your family from getting sick. Vaccines work by teaching your body to recognize new diseases. It exposes you to a safe version of the disease in either of the following:

  • Weakened pathogen
  • Dead or inactivated form of a pathogen
  • Toxoid containing toxin made by a pathogen
  • Protein or sugar from the makeup of a pathogen

The vaccine stimulates your body to produce antibodies against antigens of pathogens. It also primes your immune cells to remember the types of antigens that cause infection.

  • Vaccines are safe
    Before vaccines are approved for use, they are rigorously tested and go through many rounds of research and evaluation by the FDA. Once vaccines are licensed, the FDA and CDC continue to monitor their use.
  • Potential side effects
    Like any medication, vaccines can cause side effects. In most cases, side effects are mild but go away within a few days. You may experience soreness where the shot was given, muscle weakness, fatigue, and fever. So, you may need to prepare an oral thermometer and medications to manage your symptoms.

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