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Easy Guide to Safely Quitting Your Medications

Easy Guide to Safely Quitting Your Medications

Many people have the habit of abruptly quitting their medications the moment they feel better or the moment they feel like their medications aren’t having any effect.

However, doing this can have dire consequences on your health. You may experience withdrawal symptoms such as body aches, vomiting, and even seizures. You can also experience the worsening of your medical condition.

Stopping your medications should come with a very good reason and with the advice of your doctor or pharmacist. Do not quit taking your medications just because you saw some concerning news about it or because your thermometer showed a temperature spike after taking them.

Discuss your medication with your doctor first and voice out your concerns. Explain your reasons for quitting and be honest about it. You can also take advantage of pharmacy services by asking for more information about the medications you’re currently taking.

Once your doctor or healthcare provider ascertained that it’s more beneficial to stop your medications, do not do so abruptly. Follow the discontinuation plan outlined by your doctor. Take doses gradually to allow the body to safely adjust.

Taking and quitting medications is a serious ordeal. So, if you have anything you don’t understand about your medications or medical equipment in New York, feel free to consult with our friendly and experienced pharmacist.

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