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Helpful Ways on How to Make Your Kids Take Their Medicine

Helpful Ways on How to Make Your Kids Take Their Medicine

Kids tend to be very picky with their food and most especially with their medicines. Most parents have the same struggle of getting their children to take their medicines. It is the most challenging part for every parent. They need to think of different ways and techniques in convincing their child. As Kimberly Giuliano, MD, a pediatrician at Cleveland Clinic Children’s in Ohio said, “If you start out with a bad experience, it can go downhill in a hurry and become a continual challenge.”

Here are some helpful tips for giving your child medicine:

  1. Give them choices like how they take it, when they take it, and where they take it.
  2. Choose liquid, capsule, or chewable options and add flavoring (there are Pharmacy Services which they can customize the flavoring according to your child’s preference).
  3. Explain to them how medicine can help them.
  4. Make taking medication fun and creative.
  5. Be positive and avoid choking.

Pharmacies can offer you a big help when it comes to customizing your child’s medication flavoring. Here at Thomas Drugs, a Pharmacy in New York, New York, we provide quality pharmaceutical services.

We also provide durable Medical Equipment in New York. It is our goal to be a one-stop-shop pharmacy that can cater to all the needs of our customers.

Protecting a child’s health will always be every parent’s top priority, it is important to secure a protective Mask for them, especially if we are now in the new normal setting where everyone is required to wear a mask in public. Please feel free to drop at our pharmacy and see the variety of masks that we have.

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