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Why Do People Need Multivitamins and Supplements?

Why Do People Need Multivitamins and Supplements?

People need to be healthy to cope up with daily activities and more. Nutrients are the primary elements that help our body achieve optimum health and wellbeing. Busy people usually have no time to eat healthy foods, and tend to eat in fast-food restaurants due to tight schedule. Some people also consume healthy foods regularly. But do you know that the foods we eat may not be enough for our body’s nutrient needs? Thomas Drugs pharmacy services in Columbus Ave. New York gives you two common factors that affect nutrient content in foods.

Factors that lessen food nutrients
Food processing – through various methods of food processing, the natural nutrients found in such foods are depleted. This makes the processed foods inadequate for our body’s nutrient needs. Foods like canned and instant foods are few examples of foods that undergo processing.

Inorganically grown vegetables and fruits – people know that vegetables and fruits contain high nutrients that can sustain our body’s needs. But, not all are aware that some vegetables and fruits nowadays are inorganically grown, which means chemicals are used to hasten its growth and produce attractive fruits or vegetables. This can deplete the nutrient content of fruits and vegetables, and even leave some chemical contents onto the fruit or vegetable’s surface which can harm people.

Multivitamins and supplements to support overall health
Our human body requires several vital nutrients every day to support our overall health. When one vital nutrient is absent in our body for quite a long time, we become deficient and will experience further health issues linked to that lacking nutrient. Through this, we become inefficient in our daily routines. To avoid being deficient of a certain nutrient, one must ensure to consume healthy foods that contain the overall nutrients our body needs. But, we know that we can’t take everything in just a day. This is where the importance of taking multivitamins and supplements comes in.

Full nutrient support – multivitamins contain various nutrients that can help support our body’s needs and avoid experiencing nutrient deficiency.

Improves overall wellbeing– taking supplements can provide more nutrients to our body that can improve our overall health and wellbeing.

Easy to find and to consume– multivitamins and supplements are widely available in various pharmacies, like us at Thomas Drugs pharmacy services in Columbus Ave. New York. They are usually in capsule, syrup, chewable and tablet form which can easily be taken.

Start living healthy today! Visit us at Thomas Drugs pharmacy services in Columbus Ave. New York to witness wide range of brands of multivitamins and supplements to support your overall health. You may also call us at (212) 877-7340 for more inquiries.

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