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Quick Guide: 4 Nutrients Pregnant Women Need

Quick Guide: 4 Nutrients Pregnant Women Need

Pregnancy promotes various hormonal and physical changes in the body throughout the process. Since you’re carrying a baby, you need to put much effort in taking adequate nutrients for the both of you. The foods you take and the nutrients found in those foods are the primary source of your baby’s nutrient needs. Hence, it’s highly necessary for you to consume only healthy foods if you want what’s best for your baby.

At Thomas Drugs pharmacy services in Columbus Ave. New York, we know how important it is to provide all the nutrients you and your baby needs. So, we’ve listed four of the most essential nutrients to support your pregnancy.

Folic Acid
One of the necessary nutrients your body needs to support the neural growth of your baby. Your baby can be in high risk for neural tube defects without folic acid. The defect generally affects your baby’s spinal cord and brain, which are two elements of the central nervous system.
Some sources of folic acid:

  • Peanut butter, nuts
  • Lentils, beans
  • Eggs, Liver
  • Green leafy veggies

Calcium and Vitamin D
Calcium supports the growth and health of you and your baby’s bones. It also aids in properly regulating the use of fluids in your body. Vitamin D plays a vital role in the efficient absorption of calcium in the body. To avoid calcium deficiency for you and your baby, regular intake of calcium-rich foods or supplements is a must.
Some sources of calcium:

  • Milk, cheese
  • Yogurt, tofu
  • Broccoli, cabbage
  • Almonds, green beans

Protein is essential for supporting the development of fetal tissues and brain. It aids in your uterine and breast development, and also in supplying more blood in your body to provide adequate blood for your baby as well.
Some sources of protein:

  • Lean beef, chicken, pork
  • Salmon, beans
  • Nuts, seeds, peanut butter
  • Tofu, soymilk, eggs

Iron aids in regulating and increasing blood flow, but it should work together with potassium, water, and sodium. It also aids in supplying adequate oxygen in your body and for your baby, and prevent anemia.
Some sources of iron:

  • Dried fruits, citrus fruits
  • Poultry, lean beef
  • Eggs, cereals
  • Beans, seafood

Apart from these four nutrients, Thomas Drugs pharmacy services in Columbus Ave. New York suggests daily water and prenatal vitamin intake to ensure optimum health for you and your baby.

At Thomas Drugs pharmacy services in Columbus Ave. New York, we can supply you high quality and effective prenatal vitamins, etc. to support your pregnancy. Call (212) 877-7340 today.

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