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Four Principles of Pharmaceutical Care Program (Part 1)

Four Principles of Pharmaceutical Care Program (Part 1)

Becoming one of the most respected and trusted pharmacy services in Columbus Ave. New York takes time of quality services and products. Experience is the best teacher here in our team of professional pharmacists. They are the ones who made Thomas Drugs one of the finest pharmacies here in New York. But of course, our services would not have been recognized if not for our principles that guide our pharmaceutical care program.

What is pharmaceutical care?
Pharmaceutical care is one of the many pharmacy services in Columbus Ave. New York made available by our pharmacy. It encompasses the dependable provision of drug therapy so as to achieve the purpose of realizing the specific results that improves the quality of life of a patient. If you want to be acquainted about pharmaceutical care, you can read it in our blog entitled “What is Pharmaceutical Care?” on our website at www.thomasdrugsny.com.

In order to succeed in giving the right amount of services needed by our patient, we must take into consideration our philosophy of care and it is in this philosophy of care that we build up our principles. There are four principles that guide the making of our pharmaceutical care program and these principles include:

Principle #1: Considering the unique needs of our patients

Thomas Drugs sees to it that we require our patients to give their specific data, confirmed and backed by their attending physicians and other healthcare professionals. If they are unable to provide such requirement, we will relegate the medications we provide to generic ones.

Though we consider this method, we do not really promote this because each and every human being has unique and differentiated needs. This can even be problematic for if the medications we give to our patients are just generically manufactured, there is a big probability that there will be a change in the behavior of the patient and the outcome of their treatment.

Principle #2: Hiring the right people for the job

If we want to give the most professional pharmacy services in Columbus Ave New York, we believe that the best way to do it is to hire the right people for the job. Our pharmacists must see to it that they maintain a level of appropriate care to our patients. That is why the screening process here in our pharmacy is very meticulous. We require our pharmacists to have been completed their education before they start venturing on giving pharmaceutical care. They must also be required to receive enough training and this training should emphasize the importance of the role of the pharmacists is the pharmaceutical care program.

Those are the first two principles that govern the way we run our services here in Thomas Drugs. Our patients matter most to us because they are the ones that need our service and the only way we could provide for their needs is to look for people who share the same values and philosophy of our institution.

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