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5 Causes of Hyperacidity

5 Causes of Hyperacidity

What is Hyperacidity?

Hyperacidity is the excess production of gastric juices in the stomach. Hydrochloric acid is excreted by the gastric glands in our stomach and is responsible for breaking down the food we eat. Here are some reasons why you get hyperacidity:

Bad Eating Habits

It has been found out that the incidence of hyperacidity is higher in countries where people eat more oily and spicy food. On the other hand, people who eat more fruits and vegetables have healthier stomachs because of the fiber present in them. It is always advised to take in more fibrous food that help to sweep off the lining of the stomach and aide in good digestion.


Smoking cigarettes is a cause for plenty of ugly diseases including pulmonary disease, strokes, cancers of the mouth and throat, pregnancy complications, and even stomach pain. Cigarettes have bad chemicals that irritate the lining of your stomach’s sensitive area.

Alcohol Consumption

Depending on the person’s ability to take alcohol, there are some who feel a burning sensation in their stomachs after a drink or two. Alcohol is not only cause for stomach aches but also other illnesses like High blood pressure, Nerve damage, Pancreatitis, Cirrhosis (liver damage), Depression, Gout, and many more.

Irregular Eating Patterns

The stomach has kind of a biological clock where it gets used to certain times of food consumption. If you usually eat during 12 noon, your eating pattern should be more or less consistent because this will also be the time when your body excretes more gastric juices than normal in order to digest the food you are used to eating at that time.


Stress is a factor for plenty of diseases including stomach pains. When you get stressed, your stomach secretes more gastric juices and makes your tummy hurt especially when you’re not eating (when the acid has nothing to chew on but the lining of your stomach). If you feel like you are getting stressed, get plenty of sleep and take time to breathe. It will pass.

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