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Drug Stores: Service Beyond the Counter

Drug Stores: Service Beyond the Counter

Modern drug stores have redefined the concept of drug stores and pharmacies. Before, when people talk about drug store it can simply mean a store or an outlet selling medicines, medical supplies and a selected array of general merchandise. They usually have pharmacists, clerks, and cashiers who are very transactional and procedural with their approach. Fast forward to the present, these drug stores have evolved into more than just selling medicines and medical-related goods, they now also give reliable services to customers.

Thomas Drugs, a pharmacy services in Columbus Ave. New York, for example, can make transfer prescription, that is, transferring the account of the client to their pharmacy and provide assistance in the continuation of the medication. Here are other ways how the modern drug stores have gone beyond just selling over-the-counter drugs.

  • Wider Assortment of Medical Products. With more goods distributed in their stores, we are sure that we can have a one-stop shop for all our medical needs. So we no longer need to go around town just to complete our list. This gives us more convenience, more comfort, and allows us to save, time, effort and gas.
  • Up-to-date General Merchandise and Beauty Products. Most of us would want to shop where the other things we need are available. And as much as possible, we want to have what the town is talking about. We want the latest, the newest, and the hottest – especially when it comes to beauty products. Pharmacies like our pharmacy in Columbus Ave. New York offers the newest and best beauty products in the market as well. Thus, we are sure that everything in our health and beauty list is covered.
  • Personalized Services. Thomas Drugs, a reliable pharmacy in Columbus Ave. New York has a list of other services to offer. Aside from the transfer prescription I highlighted above, they also do medication refills. Should we avail of that service, they will automatically refill or provide us with our maintenance medications periodically. This saves us the hassle of going there ourselves and all the more, saves us from missing a dosage. When memory fails, they don’t.
  • Efficiency and Dedication. These pharmacies and drug stores are totally committed to making our lives easier by providing ways to make their systems and processes more efficient and reliable. We can trust that our medicines, medical supplies, and other needs will be given to us in full and on time.

There is really no rocket science needed in extending the best service to clients and patrons. A good example of this is pharmacies. For just a few additional products, regularly upgraded merchandising list, personalized services, and the heart to serve, they have given satisfaction to customers that is beyond the usual over-the-counter.

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