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5 Questions To Ask Your Pharmacist

5 Questions To Ask Your Pharmacist

Whenever you have to take new medication, feel free to consult with our pharmacists about it. We can tell you everything you need to know about your prescription as well as teach you how to manage your medication and dispose of unused drugs. At Thomas Drugs, we provide superlative pharmacy services in Columbus Ave. New York.

Listed below are the five important questions you should ask your pharmacist:

How should I take the medication?

Ask your pharmacist how your pills should be taken — if it can be chewed, swallowed directly, or dissolved in water. These are the things your pharmacist can discuss when they hand you your prescription. Even if you already know what to do with your medication, it’s still helpful to talk to a professional about it.

How should I store the medication?

To avoid problems with your medicines, find out the best ways to store them. For example, some drugs need refrigeration while others should simply be in room temperature.

Is there anything I should avoid while I take my medication?

Your pharmacist will let you know if there are food & drinks you need to avoid or activities you shouldn’t participate in while you’re on new medication. It’s good to be knowledgable of this for your health and safety.

What are its possible side effects?

For any bad reaction to medication, consult your pharmacist immediately. They can help you find solutions to the side effects or talk to your physician about it. Don’t make decisions such as stopping the use of the medication without asking your pharmacist first.

What do I do if I miss a dose?

Take the missed dose as soon as possible and if it’s almost time for your next one, you can skip that and follow your schedule. Sticking to your medication schedule is very important. These are some of the things you can learn at Thomas Drugs. Our pharmacy services in Columbus Ave. New York are excellent.

Thomas Drugs is your trusted provider of top quality pharmacy services in Columbus Ave. New York. Contact us at 212-877-7340 today!

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