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Having A Bad Reaction To Medication & Disposing Of Unused Drugs

Having A Bad Reaction To Medication & Disposing Of Unused Drugs

Dealing with the side effects of prescription drugs

When having a bad reaction to new medication, you should ask our pharmacists for assistance. At Thomas Drugs, we put your needs first, which is why we do everything we can to provide our clients with first rate pharmacy services in Columbus Ave. New York. Our pharmacy is the place you can turn to for all of your health and medication needs.

Some side effects to prescription medication, however, are more serious and require medical attention, such as itching, fever, or swelling. This is when you should call 911 for help or go straight to the hospital. It’s important to know exactly what to do in situations like these to prevent things from getting worse.

If you happen to be suffering from side effects of your medication, you can talk to us at Thomas Drugs today. We offer stellar pharmacy services in Columbus Ave. New York.

Getting rid of unneeded medication

When your medication is expired or simply unused, you have to dispose of it properly. You can’t just throw away old drugs in the garbage bin without following the right steps because it can be harmful to others. So, what should you do to get rid of them?

Place the medication in a plastic bag and make sure it can be sealed. If your medication comes in the form of pills, do not crush it. Simply add water to dissolve it.

Mix the drugs with substances such as sawdust, coffee grounds, or kitty litter. This will keep it away from pets and children.

Remove the labels on the container. Before you throw it away, you have to scratch out all the labels and personal information first.

Throw it all away in the trash. After following the first three steps, you can safely dispose of your old medication in the trash.

For the finest pharmacy services in Columbus Ave. New York, come to Thomas Drugs!

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