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Kids are very picky. They want something appealing to their taste buds. It is very hard for parents to let their kids take medicine when they are sick. It takes a trick to survive this challenge, and parents can try these helpful tips.

  • Explain to your kid that medicine is essential. If your kid curiously asks what he is taking, explain honestly. Do not detour the conversation by saying it’s a candy that is good for him. Let him be aware of his medication, so that he can readily accept it willingly, or if not, devise other desperate approaches to induce him.
  • Break the medicine up. You can break the tablet if your child can’t take it one big time. He might find it hard to swallow, hence becomes more afraid to take it the next time. Make sure to ask the pharmacist if it is fine to break the medicine prescribed, to avoid under-dosage or loss of the drug’s quality.
  • Mix it in his food. If your kid continues to refuse, secretly combine the medicine to his food. Crush the tablet and mix it to his favourite meal or juice drink so he will not notice he is already taking the medicine he hates. Also, ask the advice of your doctor, or in the absence thereof, your pharmacist if the technique is just fine and effective.
  • Avoid the bitter taste buds. If he is taking a tablet, place it at the back of his tongue, and immediately let him drink water so he gets no way to spit the medicine out. The technique is really effective if you have overcome the problem of inserting the medicine inside his tongue.
  • Encourage him to take the medicine. Motivate your kid so he can already attend classes and play his favourite outdoor games. If he successfully takes the medication, reward him of ice cream or different kinds of treat. Surely, your kids will succumb to your conditions because they also want to get well right as soon as possible.

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