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We always want to get well from our sickness, so we approach good doctors. Whether the diagnosis is good or bad, the doctor will surely prescribe a medicine for a couple of days, weeks or even the whole year for maintenance purposes. Humans as we are, we tend to be forgetful. So, keep yourself reminded of your medication.

  • Place it in the most strategic part of your house. First, track your medicine by listing it down on a paper, stipulating the name, date and time that medicine needs to be taken. Place your medicine and your chart in your table where you work, or living room where you usually stay; it all depends upon your preference. Make it a habit to regularly stay in that strategic place so you will never forget.
  • Take it down in your planner. If you are a very busy and mobile person due to work, place your medication list in your planner to always keep you reminded. Career-oriented persons are always organized and tend to place their appointments and tasks in their planners. Hence, set your medication as something like your appointment or task that needs to be fulfilled for the day.
  • Use your smartphone. People are techy these days. If your house has the regular alarm clock, so is your smart phone. Set an alarm five minutes before, or on the dot of the actual intake. Make sure your phone snoozes and not silent so you can be easily alarmed to your personal duty.
  • Appoint a person that updates your progress in medication intake. If the above-mentioned tips are still not effective because you unintentionally skip medication, call a family or friend to help you with this memory problem. Make sure they also have less serious case of memory gaps so that they will constantly remind you. Ask them to remind you via call, text or in person, that your medication is due for this time. In this way, you will not betray your prescription.

Also, to help your prescription, particularly refills, buy it in the pharmacy where your medicines are mostly available.

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Our pharmacy services in Columbus Ave. New York include Medication and Healthcare Supplies, Prescription Medication, and many more. Our pharmacy services in Columbus Ave. New York are incomparably reliable, and you may visit us personally today to prove it yourself.

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