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Steps in Drug Development

Steps in Drug Development

We get sick, as all living things in the animal kingdom do. But unlike our more primitive ancestors and distant cousins, we, humans, have evolved to learn science and develop our own medicines. Pharmacy services such as those offered by Thomas Drugs, which offers pharmacy services in Columbus Ave. New York, are ubiquitous in a city. Indeed, our race has come so far in this aspect of modern life that it is easy to overlook the intricacy of the drug development process. Let us take a peek at the general process.

Discovery and Development
The laboratory is where it all begins. Researchers study and invent new molecules, design new drugs and processes, and improve existing drugs. New technologies expedite this process and can make the development process cheaper.

Preclinical Research
New drugs are then tested on animals in laboratories to study their safety. Potential harms are studied in this stage and when they are found, the drugs will not proceed to the next step.

Clinical Research
This is when drugs are tested on people to make sure they are safe and effective. This step alone has four phases, each with a specific purpose such as safety and dosage, efficacy and side effects, efficacy and adverse reactions, and finally, safety and efficacy.

FDA Review
Data are then submitted to the United States Food and Drug Administration for approval. The agency carefully examines the data for safety and effectiveness of the drug.

FDA Post-Market Safety Monitoring
The job of the FDA does not end in the approval of drugs for release to public. Much information about the drug comes from actual use in the market. FDA continues to monitor for issues after months and even years after the release.

FDA-approved drugs are then sold in establishments such as Thomas Drugs, which offers pharmacy services in Columbus Ave. New York. These drug stores are where we get out medicines, be it over-the-counter drugs, medications and healthcare supplies, prescription medication, or transfer medication.

Thomas Drugs offers pharmacy services in Columbus Ave. New York but we serve other cities and countries at reasonable rates. Please call or visit so we can help you.

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